CAIRO — The Cairo City Council is likely to determine within the next several weeks whether voters should decide if alcohol can be sold on Sundays.

A delegation from Tired Creek Golf Course appeared before the council Monday night to request that a question of whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales be present on the ballot for the city election later this year.

"I think it'd be a benefit for every seller in the county," said Ryan Andrews, Tired Creek general manager and course superintendent.

The change would require a resolution by the mayor and council to present the question to voters on November 5.

Such a resolution could be voted on at the next council meeting on August 26 or at the following one on September 9, though city clerk Carolyn Lee said the latter would involve some difficulties. If the resolution is passed any later, city officials would not have enough time to submit the needed paperwork to place the question on the ballot.

"This is a unique time to do it because it is just a city election and it is just a city issue," said city attorney Thomas Lehman. "It'll be cleaner to do it in 2019 than in some other election."

Lehman said the council will have to make a determination on two separate questions that could appear on the ballot: one addressing package sales and one addressing pouring sales.

Council member Jimmy Douglas said he believed residents should have the opportunity to vote on both questions, but Lehman said it was possible for one resolution to pass and the other fail.

"You're going to have to say yes twice if you want to do that, or you'll say no twice if you don't want that," Lehman told the council.

Douglas requested that Lehman prepare such a resolution in time for the next council meeting later this month.