CAIRO — He credits God for the strength that keeps him looking.

Rogers Angelety, 49, of Cairo, is still waiting to hear from family members who were sent scattering from their New Orleans homes when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August.

Inside Angelety’s home, it is readily apparent how much family means to him.

Photo montages adorn every wall in the living room. Every inch of an entertainment center holds a picture frame. A corner bookshelf is loaded in similar fashion. Dozens of faces cover the room.

And on one wall are three plaques: one reads, “Jesus is Love.” Another, “God is Love.” The middle one, honoring his wife: Rogers loves Willie Mae.

Angelety has been searching about three months.

About three weeks ago, he found one of his brothers.

“He’s in Biloxi, Mississippi,” Angelety said. “My mother had the Red Cross looking.”

That brother, who is a few years older than Rogers, is now living in a government-issued trailer, Rogers said.

Angelety’s mother relocated to Scott, La., which is north of Lafayette, La.

“She’s been living there since the storm,” Angelety said.

Meanwhile, Angelety’s other siblings (he has nine) and a host of nieces, nephews and cousins are still unaccounted for.

“In my heart, I feel everybody’s OK,” Angelety said, “but I just don’t know where they’re living. Far as I know, some of them might be living here in Georgia.”

Angelety has spoken with some of his siblings.

One sister is with his mother, one is in California and one was in Atlanta a few months ago — but was planning to move and hasn’t called since.

“My baby sister Tiffany, she was home for Christmas,” Angelety continued. “I know she’s OK, but I don’t know where she’s living.”

Angelety continues his search to hear from his siblings.

“My dream would be for everybody to get together — have a family reunion — and rejoice that we’re all OK,” he said.

In the meantime, he must wait for another call from his mother to tell him if someone else has been found.

Angelety hopes anyone who knows the whereabouts of his family members will call him at 377-3590.

To reach reporter Blenda Link, call 226-2400, ext. 227.


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