THOMASVILLE — The office of Joseph K. Mulholland, district attorney for the South Georgia Judicial Circuit, released information Wednesday regarding the sentencing of two Cairo offenders recently on trial for their crimes.

The trial of Chaz Michael Gomez ended Tuesday afternoon with Gomez being found guilty of all counts, according to the news release. He was sentenced to 15 years to serve in the penal system by Chief Judge A. Wallace Cato.

His appeal bond was successfully challenged by the district attorney and Gomez was immediately remanded to custody.

Gomez was originally charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and vehicular homicide.

Additional evidence led to indictments on seven counts: three counts of vehicular homicide, DUI (alcohol), DUI (marijuana), leaving the scene, and failing to maintain lane.

Evidence at the trial showed Gomez was almost three times the legal limit for DUI when he struck and killed bicyclist Martin Langmaid on Lower Hawthorne Trial, just outside Cairo, according to the release.

The incident occurred in June 2009.

Prosecutors were able to match forensic evident from Gomez’s truck to the crime.

He was on probation for DUI at the time and, as a result, no plea negotiations were offered in the case and Gomez was sentenced to the maximum time allowed under vehicular homicide in the first degree charge.

“I hope that the Langmaid family can now have a little closure knowing that this man has been held accountable for his horrendous conduct,” Mulholland said in the news release.

“Everyone I have talked to cannot put into words how good a man Marty Langmaid was. Grady County lost one of its finest citizens June 30 of last year and my prayers go out to Rosa and her family.”

Antione Lamar Bush was found guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime on March 16.

The victims were working at the Three Squares Diner in Cairo. The incident occurred December 2008.

Investigations led to the conviction of five defendants in two separate armed robberies, according to the release.

Bush was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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