CAIRO — The Cairo Police Department is taking steps to develop a system for residents to more easily find information as part of an effort to build trust with the community and become more transparent, the department announced last week.

Steps are being taken to place information regarding internal policies, guidelines and procedures and the types of training taken by officers in digital form online, the police department announced. Also available will be information on records retention laws for individuals seeking reports or other documents and certain data, including an end of year report listing crime statistics and calls responded to by officers throughout the year.

Polices regarding the handling of citizen comments, complaints and inquiries also will be updated.

Police Chief Giovannie Santos said the moves are part of a “sincere belief and knowledge that trust is a key element in police-citizen relationships.”

“With the upcoming completion of the new police station, the department will have much needed and upgraded equipment, and a better opportunity and ability to provide information digitally,” Santos said. “With this new ability comes the opportunity to become more transparent.”

Part of that effort includes continuing a goal of regularly evaluating police-citizen interactions. Interactions between police and citizens are reviewed using footage from body worn cameras (BWCs) and in-car camera systems. Footage can be reviewed both at random and during investigations into officer misconduct.

“It shall always be the goal of the department to remain transparent in our actions and serve our community with integrity,” Santos said. “Cairo’s officers shall continue to advance the partnership we have with the community.”

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