CAIRO — The Cairo Police Department begins moving into its new 3rd Avenue headquarters this week.

No ribbon cutting ceremony or open house event is currently scheduled to mark the $3.7 million structure’s opening, though City Manager Chris Addleton said such an event will likely occur in the future — the only question being as to when it could take place.

“I just don't know with COVID going on,” Addleton said. “We’re going to delay that to some point. We’re going to try to have an open house at some point as well, but I just don’t know when that could be.”

Any decision on when or how to host a public event to mark the building’s opening will have to be made with input from Mayor Howard Thrower and the Cairo City Council after the police department is settled in, Addleton said. The city manager believes an open house event can take place sooner with certain health restrictions, such as a mask requirement for guests, “but I don’t know if the mayor and council want to take that risk,” he said.

“At some point we want to show it off to the public and let them see the new police station,” Addleton said. “That might be after the health emergency. I just don’t know. It’s one of those tough calls.”

City council members discussed the subject at a meeting last month. Addleton said the subject likely will be brought up again for the council to consider.

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