Cairo police chief arrested


CAIRO — Cairo Police Chief Keith Sandefur was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon on two counts of felony theft by conversion.

A statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Sandefur is accused of purchasing property and charging it to the City of Cairo. The property was given to civilian associates of Sandefur and has since been recovered by the GBI.

The case is active and ongoing.

District Attorney Joe Mulholland asked the GBI in September to launch an investigation into allegations of Sandefur's alleged criminal activity. 

Once completed, the case file will be turned over to Mulholland for his review.

Anyone with information is asked to call GBI at (229) 225-4090.

Sandefur turned himself in at the Grady County Sheriff's Office at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. He also submitted his resignation from the Cairo Police Department, and will officially retire from the department Dec. 31.

City Manager Chris Addleton will name an interim police chief Wednesday afternoon. Addleton said the interim chief will be promoted from within the department.

Addleton said he planned to meet with members of the police department later on Tuesday.

GBI agents met with Addleton on Tuesday to inform him that a new interim chief would be needed.

Addleton said there is no timeline for when the city will name a new permanent police chief.

Sandefur had been employed with the city police department since 1980. He was promoted to police chief in 1995.

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