THOMASVILLE -- By a 75-vote margin, a longtime member of Thomasville City Council was returned to the panel's sole at-large post in Tuesday's municipal election.

Incumbent Roy Campbell defeated political newcomer Kevin Glass with 885 votes, to 810 for the challenger.

Glass received more advance and absentee votes at 201. Campbell garnered 161.

In a 17 percent voter turnout in Thomasville's six precincts, 51.8 percent of the vote went to Campbelll, with 47.4 percent going to Glass.

After the vote count Tuesday, Campbell said he lost in some precincts where he usually is victorious and won in places he traditionally does not carry.

He expressed surprise at how he did in some areas. Also, Campbell noted, city elections usually are "pretty close."

"People running against you are all fired up," he said, adding that no city election is a "slam-dunk."

As he left election returns at the Thomas County Courthouse Tuesday night, Glass told a Times-Enterprise reporter he had nothing to say.

"He's a very capable young man, and some day he might hold this seat," Campbell said.

Noting Rick Singletary's decision not to seek re-election to the council, Campbell said he felt someone with longevity on the panel should remain.

"It's a big business, and we need to take care of it," Campbell said about city government.

The at-large councilmember said he will continue to look for ways to raise the city's revenue without raising taxes.

Campbell looks forward to working with Thomas County commissioners during his next four-year term.

In January, city council members will chose a new mayor from their midst. Campbell, who has served as mayor, said he will not be the mayoral choice at the first council meeting of 2006 on the second Monday in January.

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