Cash, meth seized in traffic stop, driver flees from scene

Photo submitted by Thomasville Police DepartmentCash and the bag from which it was seized in a Monday morning traffic stop.

THOMASVILLE — A Monday morning traffic stop on West Calhoun Street produced a quantity of methamphetamine, a bag of money and a driver license.

Thomasville Police Department Sgt. Elisa Carter stopped a white Honda Accord for speeding about 10:45. The vehicle pulled into a yard on Short Street.

When Carter approached the Honda, she noticed the driver was nervous, fidgety and kept reaching under the driver seat, said police Maj. Shane Harris, patrol commander.

"She told him to stop reaching under the seat. He did not comply," Harris said.

Carter told the driver that if he did not stop reaching under the seat, she would tase him.

"He exited the car quickly, slapped down the taser and ran to the back yard and into a wood line," Harris said.

Crystal meth was recovered from the car. More meth was dropped by the suspect as he fled, Harris said.

A driver license and $15,000 in cash were found in a bag under the driver seat.

Harris described the suspect as black, with medium complexion, average height and weight.

"He has three sets of cornrows sticking up on his head," the officer added.

Police will view in-car video to positively identify the suspect as the person pictured on the driver license.

The case has been turned over to the Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics/Vice Division.

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