City adds charging stations for electric vehicles

Submitted photoVisitors from Tallahassee enjoy a full day in Downtown Thomasville thanks to an EV Charging Station 

THOMASVILLE — Visitors to Thomasville driving electric vehicles now have two new places to charge up their cars while visiting the community. The City of Thomasville recently installed two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for public use. Located in downtown Thomasville, the charging stations may give visitors a reason to stop in and stay while. 

“The very day the charging stations were completed, we had visitors from Tallahassee stop by for a charge,” said April Norton, City of Thomasville Main Street and Business Development Director. “The visitors were here from Tallahassee and were nervous that they wouldn’t have enough charge to complete their journey. When they learned we had EV stations, they extended their visit in downtown Thomasville while allowing their vehicle to charge, enjoying lunch and an afternoon of shopping with our merchants.” 

The first EV charging station is located on Remington Avenue by the Municipal Auditorium parking lot. There is a second charging station in the parking lot at the corner of Stevens Street and Jackson Street. Both charging stations are Level 2 charge stations and are equipped to charge all electric vehicles, although Tesla owners would have to use an adapter. 

“It’s an exciting time for Thomasville,” said Andy Goodwin, City of Thomasville business development manager. “As the demand for electric vehicles grows, so does the need for accessibility to EV charging stations. Being able to have charging stations available to our community and visitors provides a safe, reliable, and easy way to ensure their electric or hybrid vehicle has the charge needed to continue running errands and enjoying all that Thomasville has to offer, without worrying about having enough of a charge to get home.” 

Norton said the Tallahassee couple was thrilled to have an EV charging station accessible to downtown. 

“They remarked that finding our charging station allowed them to get enough of a charge that they would be able to have air conditioning the rest of their journey,” she said, “something that would make their drive home much more comfortable.” 

There is no fee to use the City of Thomasville’s EV charging stations. 

“The stations are offered as a convenience to our citizens and visitors,” Goodwin said. “The City of Thomasville encourages sustainable energy use and practices, and our EV stations are another measure the City is taking to make this possible.” 

For more information about the EV charging stations in downtown Thomasville, call (229) 227-7020. 

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