THOMASVILLE — A week after Thomasville Police Chief Troy Rich announced his retirement, Thomasville City Council approved a release agreement that includes monetary compensation involved in the chief's departure.

Rich's retirement is effective Oct. 5, after serving 30 years with Thomasville Police Department. He has been chief of police for six years.

The release agreement approved Monday states Rich will receive $97,211, his annual salary and compensation for early retirement, along with $9,344.88 for 12 months of COBRA coverage. If Rich receives health insurance coverage from another source within 12 months after retirement, the city's COBRA benefits would end.

Rich will be paid $18,320.97 for unused annual leave and sick leave.

The Peace Officers Standards and Training will be notified about Rich's separation from employment and his retirement.

According to the agreement, the chief will receive his service firearm and badge and will retire with full honors.

By execution of the agreement, Rich is "releasing any and all claims he may have against the city, its elected and appointed officials and appointed officials and employees from the beginning of time to the moment he signs the release agreement," the document states.

The agreement states Rich agrees he will not be eligible to be rehired by the city, according to city policy.

If prospective employers contact the city, the city will respond that Rich's retirement was voluntary, and he received regular pay raises and promotions while employed by the city.  

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