THOMASVILLE — With filming of television series and movies becoming increasingly common in Georgia, including Thomasville, a City of Thomasville ordinance has been drafted to provide a filming-related regulatory framework in the city.

"Thomasville has been fortunate to have had several films shoot scenes in and around Thomasville. There may very well be a trend developing, in that I understand the city has received four inquiries for film permits," said Tim Sanders, city attorney.

The proposed ordinance will provide a consistent regulatory framework for not only production companies interested in filming in Thomasville, but for residents, as well.

"This ordinance will require production companies to apply for film permits through the office of the city manager before filming, set criteria to be used by staff to evaluate permit requests and provide operating standards for permitted production companies," Sanders said. 

At a Wednesday city council workshop, Bonnie Hayes, city tourism director, said Thomasville is fortunate film companies choose it as a location for its scenic beauty.

The ordinance, if approved by city council Monday, will provide regulations about how film companies use public buildings, parks, streets and street closings.

"The state of Georgia has recognized film-making as an economic driver," Hayes told council members.

The penalty for violating the ordinance would be a fine of up to $1,000.

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