THOMASVILLE — Thinking big is not always big enough, according to City Manager Alan Carson.

"If you think you're thinking big, think bigger than that," Carson told about 50 city managerial-level employees at a Thursday strategic training session.

Employees made lists of city needs. Infrastructure was at the top, Carson said.

"That was the top one or two of every list I saw," he said.

Carson, who came to Thomasville in January after retiring from a career in local government in Lexington, North Carolina, told employees he had a lot of experience government. 

"But I do not have a lot of experience in Thomasville," he added.

The city has a strategic plan that goes to 2O28. 

"Of course, things change," Carson said.

He asked employees to think ahead.

Sherry Nix, city public outreach manager, said employees discussed goals set by city council at the end of 2018. She found it exciting for employees to get together in a group.

"We were getting updates on the programs and looking to the future and determining what we need to do to accomplish those goals," Nix said. "You forget sometimes all the things we do. You don't see everything going on all at once."

Sheryl Sealy, city managing director of marketing and communications, considers herself fortunate to have been involved in previous strategic planning retreats. 

"This retreat was one of the largest ones we've ever had, with many employees involved from all areas of the city's operation. As each person spoke about what they did for the city and what their goals were for the day, a common theme emerged of service," Sealy said.

During the retreat, personnel worked together as a team on the action steps outlined in Blueprint: Thomasville 2028 comprehensive plan.

"This document represents the vision of our community's future that was developed with the input of more than 6,000 engaged citizens over an 18-month process," Sealy said. "To know we as an organization are taking that vision that was created by our community and putting it to action is extremely important."

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 1820 

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