THOMASVILLE — Thomasville City Council members unanimously approved an alcohol catering license as part of its alcoholic beverage license code.

Council members voted 4-0 at their meeting Monday to adopt the second reading of the ordinance. 

“We have had several requests to have this type of ordinance added to our alcohol code,” said Assistant City Manager Lynn Williams. 

The fees, which are in addition to any fees already paid in order to serve alcoholic beverages, are $100 each for wine and malt beverages catering and $500 for liquor pouring catering. To carry all three at once would cost $700. The fees would be pro-rated for this year.

City staff asked council members to have the new rule go into effect June 3, rather than at its approval.

“We want to make sure we contacted all the license holders who might be eligible for this type of license and to have a level playing field, we wanted to get that notice out to them,” Williams said.

To be eligible for an alcohol catering license, the applicant must be licensed by the state for on-premises consumption and must hold a valid license to from the city to sell malt beverages, wine for on-premises consumption or liquor pouring.

Also under the ordinance, licensees are required to apply for an event permit at least 10 days prior to each event. There is a $25 processing fee for each permit.

Licensees will be required to get a state permit for each event. Event permits will not be issued at any location that has had an alcohol license revoked in the last 12 months.

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