THOMASVILLE — The Thomasville City Schools has reported its first COVID-19 positive test for a student.

The student is the first to test positive since the school year began Sept. 8.

The Thomas County Heath Department was informed about the positive test, said Superintendent Ben Wiggins. Contact tracing is underway in classroom and bus seating, among other places.

A student might have symptoms similar to those of COVID-19, but not have the disease, Wiggins added.

"It is a very complex issue," he added.

Because of possible virus exposure, 19 city students are in quarantine.

No city school employees have a current positive COVID test. Two employees are in quarantine for possible exposure.

In the Thomas County School System, 18 students are in quarantine for possible COVID exposure.

An update shows four employees with a new positive COVID status. Two employees are in quarantine because of possible exposure.

Both school systems post new COVID-related numbers at the end of each week.

If a quarantined or isolated teacher feels like working, he or she teaches remotely from home, said Thomas County Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Williams.

"Every positive case should have been reported to the health department," she said.

In positive cases, the health department contacts parents in an effort to learn who an infected student was in contact with at a distance of less than six feet for 15 minutes.

Flu is another health threat.

"We are encouraging everyone to get a flu shot," Williams said.

The health department will conduct flu shot clinics at all county schools at the end of October. 

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 1820 

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