City to conduct energy audits, meter testings


THOMASVILLE — A Thomasville City Council member receiving complaints about high utilities bills agreed recent bills have been high.

"Something is wrong. It is as simple as that," Council member Wanda Warren said at a council workshop.

Warren said she wanted a utilities audit conducted on the path of utilities from sources to residences.

Chris White, city director of public utilities, said winter rates in effect now will end in May.

White asked Warren for specific accounts where bills have been high, pointing out that January this year was colder than usual, and utilities bills include water and sewer.

Council member Todd Mobley interjected that his utilities bill was higher in January.

City Manager Alan Carson said that if Thomasville bills are being compared to Grady EMC's, it should be noted that Grady EMC's bills are for electricity only, while Thomasville Utilities bills include electricity, water, sewer, CNS services and garbage pickup.

Entertainment package costs have increased, Carson said.

Old heat pumps will result in high bills, the city manager said.

Carson said five residents from each area of the city will be the subjects of energy audits and meter testings, as requested by city council.

"We will do an electric meter and energy comparison over a couple of years to make sure usage is normal as it relates to weather," he said. "We are taking care to make sure we are making consistent comparisons of similar-size houses and households so the comparison is equal in each area."

The city manager anticipates the study will be completed and reported to the council by April. 

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 1820 

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