THOMASVILLE — Following a vote by the Thomasville City Council on Monday, local law enforcement will soon have another set of eyes on the city’s busiest intersection — eyes that don’t blink.

The council approved an ordinance to allow automated traffic enforcement cameras at the intersection of U.S. 19 and 319.

These cameras will be mounted at the traffic light there to capture images of illegal and dangerous driving.

City manager Steve Sykes said the city has done research on the effectiveness of the cameras in stopping motorists from running red lights and preventing traffic accidents.

“We’ve made field trips to where these red-light cameras are in activation already. The emphasis here is safety,” Sykes said. “Staff is convinced that once this equipment is set up at our most dangerous intersection, it will increase safety and reduce the number of traffic accidents and loss of property.”

The Thomasville Police Department has worked an estimated 135 wrecks at that intersection, not counting those handled by the Georgia State Patrol and Thomas County Sheriff’s Office. The cameras could be in place as early as this summer.

The council also passed an ordinance restricting the operation of tattoo parlors to areas of the city zoned C1 or lower. The parlors will not be allowed in Thomasville’s historic districts, residential areas, or areas zoned C1A.

Thomasville resident Jule Anderson suggested the council go a step further with their ordinance.

“I suggest that you also consider massage parlors, pornographic book stores and girlie shows,” she told the council.

However, the ordinance will allow Chris Morant and Ashley Eubanks — two proprietors who spoke to the council last week — to apply for a license to open a tattoo parlor at Morant’s proposed location at 1425 E. Jackson St.

In other business, the Thomasville City Council:

• Authorized the preparation and submission of a Community Development Block Grant application for up to $800,000. If approved, the grant would be used to pave and make improvements on parts of several city streets including Chestnut, Fann, Jerger, Webster, Hardaway and Madison.

• Approved the final plat for phase three of the Pine Summitt subdivision, which consists of 23 single family residential lots.

• Appointed Thomasville City Council member Max Beverly, Thomas County manager Mike Stephenson and Thomasville citizen Ed Elam to the Rural Development Committee.

• Introduced and welcomed Leroy Robertson, Thomasville’s first black postmaster.

• Designated Thomasville City Council member Roy Campbell to serve on the city’s Payroll Development Authority.

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