THOMASVILLE — Gone are the days of transporting Thomas County government surplus items to a central location to be auctioned.

County commissioners approved the sale of numerous items in the county's first online auction. The event is in the planning stages.

To prepare for a traditional auction, an auction site must be found. Items to be auctioned must to be taken to the auction location, which must be staffed.

"It consumed a lot of time," said County Manager Mike Stephenson.

Items to auctioned are a three-year accumulation, Stephenson said, adding that auctions should be annual events.

Several tractors are on the auction list. Each tractor listing provides information about where and when the equipment was purchased and when it was declared surplus.

Mowers and other lawn care equipment are listed, along with two 1,000-gallon water tanks that were purchased by the county as military surplus.

Many vehicles with high mileage will be auctioned. A 1997 Ford F-350 has clocked 360,000 miles and "runs hot," according to the description. A couple of former sheriff's office cars with high mileage are listed as operational but have no key. A few fall into the not operational category.

Numerous fleet services surplus parts will be auctioned.

Other items include chain link fencing, posts and gates from the county prison that closed several years ago, reflective barrels, used crane tires, a crane, a forklift, one wheelbarrow and an ice machine and push mower that "do not work," according to the surplus list.

Stephenson said surplus items not purchased during the online auction will be disposed of at the city-county landfill or as scrap metal.

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