CAIRO — Authorities say three individuals were responsible for a series of burglaries earlier this week, two of whom are still at large.

The Grady County Sheriff's Office captured a male suspect Thursday who they say has since confessed to committing a string of burglaries that took place during a six to eight-hour period between Monday night and Tuesday morning, but investigators don't believe he was acting alone.

Two more suspects have been identified but are not in custody, said Chief Investigator Daniel Singletary. Authorities are searching for the suspects but cannot predict when they will be captured.

The sheriff's office said the three suspects' names will be released to the public once they are all in custody.

Singletary estimated that there were about six different burglaries, four or five cases of entering automobiles and one theft by taking of a motor vehicle. The investigator said several of the crime scenes contained multiple sets of footprints, indicating that there was more than one burglar.

Authorities suspect that the crimes committed were opportunistic. The burglars are believed to have been riding around neighborhoods in north Grady County searching for vulnerable targets to break into. Numerous items were stolen, including guns, televisions, electronics and tools.

Singletary said he suspects the burglars were attempting to sell the stolen items off-market.

A majority of the property, along with a stolen pickup truck, was recovered Wednesday after being found abandoned in a secluded location along Elkins Road.

Investigators say the suspect who is in custody has been connected to a separate theft in which a motorcycle was stolen from a motocross track last month. Authorities recovered the bike Thursday and returned it to its owner.

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