CAIRO — The Grady County Historical Society is asking for donations by the end of the month to help repair the Museum and History Center in Cairo.

Museum administrator Don Nickerson said the building suffered extensive damage as a result of Hurricane Michael. 

"(The storm) did damage to the roof and we've got some pretty extensive leaks in the front entry hall," Nickerson said. "It's coming down the walls and collecting in buckets on the floor."

The Historical Society is asking for donations in multiples of $30 by the 30th of the month to help repair the storm damage.

"We've had people who have given $300 or $60 or so on," Nickerson said. 

Donations can be dropped off in person at the museum, located at 101 North Broad Street, or mailed to P.O. Box 586, Cairo, Ga., 39828. Checks should be made out to the Grady County Historical Society.

Donations will continue to be accepted into December.

Nickerson said the museum, which is dependent on donations and is not tax-supported, had only recently renovated its education center prior to Michael's landfall. 

"The warehouse of the former Roddenbery Hardware had been renovated, and so our funds are somewhat depleted," Nickerson said. "We did not expect to have storm damage following that. So at this point we don't know how many dollars we're going to need, but we know we're going to need some. We just don't know what the deductible is going to be."

Nickerson said the leaks have forced museum staff to cover furniture and artifacts to protect them from damage. 

"A few things are covered over but we do show (them to) people," Nickerson said. "We uncover them and then show them and then promptly re-cover them back."

The Cairoga Club Building, where the museum is currently housed, was constructed in 1920 to replace one of the last wooden buildings on Broad Street.

The original space inside the building was used as the headquarters for a gentleman's club on the second floor with retail shops on the ground level.

The headquarters were converted into offices for the W.B. Roddenbery Company in the 1930s until the company moved into the Colonial Building four decades later.

The Roddenbery family donated the building to the Historical Society in 1993. The museum itself opened in 1999 after major renovations to the ground floor.