Driver in January fatal wreck pleads not guilty


CAIRO — A teenager accused of driving recklessly at the time she was involved in a fatal car accident has submitted a plea of not guilty.

Anna McBride's legal counsel submitted the plea on her behalf this week at the Grady County courthouse.

McBride's counsel also waived a formal arraignment, which was set to take place Thursday morning.

Prosecutors say McBride was driving 116.8 mph at the time she was involved in a collision which resulted in the death of Thomasville High School senior Levi Knop.

The two high school students were traveling northbound on Highway 319 the morning of Jan. 29 when McBride struck Knop's vehicle in the rear.

A grand jury indicted McBride last month on two counts of first degree vehicular homicide, one count of reckless driving, one count of speeding, one count of driving too fast for conditions and one count of following too closely. McBride had previously been indicted in May, but prosecutors pulled that indictment in August in part to avoid a demurrer which challenged the indictment on the grounds that its listed speed limit in the area where the crash occurred was inaccurate.

The case is slated to go to trial in December.

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