log truck

The incident occurred Tuesday just east of Boston city limits.

BOSTON — A truck driver had to be pulled through a windshield in order to be rescued and traffic was halted for half an hour Tuesday afternoon after a logging truck was overturned just outside Boston city limits.

Capt. Steve Jones with the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office said the driver of a logging truck headed eastbound on Highway 84 east of Boston somehow lost control of his vehicle and overturned, spilling what appeared to be dozens of logs onto the median. First responders who arrived at the scene discovered a small blaze on the median that required assistance from Thomas County Fire Rescue in order to be put out.

“I don’t know if something from the truck started it or if it was just the friction and the heat of that truck sliding on its side on the pavement,” Jones said. “There’s no telling what ignited it, but it is a little bit dry right now.”

Officers with the Boston Police Department and bystander were forced to kick through the vehicle’s front windshield in order to rescue the driver.

“We’re very thankful that they were close and were able to get over there because the guy was trapped in the truck,” Jones said. Climbing out through the passenger-side door was not an option due to damage to the vehicle, the captain added.

The driver was treated on the scene for some cuts and scrapes and did not require hospitalization.

No other vehicles were involved in the wreck, which occurred shortly after noon near the intersection with Hallman Road. Eastbound traffic was shut down for nearly half an hour before a wreck truck was able to move the vehicle from the roadway.

Jones said he was thankful no one else was hurt.

“We would have had a lot of problems if (the logs) had crossed the roadway,” he said. “Luckily it was contained in the median.”

It is unknown how the driver lost control of the truck.

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