THOMASVILLE — More than 50 bags of powder cocaine were found at a Pavo convenience store Sunday night.

Two 19-year-olds — Dan Durell Wiseman, 908 W. Jackson St., and Antonio Jeremy Barnes, 313 W. Calhoun St. — are charged with trafficking in cocaine.

Wiseman was on a weekend furlough from the Thomasville Diversion Center when he and Barnes were arrested in Pavo about 7 p.m. Sunday.

Wiseman was to have returned to the Diversion Center by 8 p.m., said Kevin Lee, commander of the Thomas County/Thomasville Narcotics/Vice Division.

Lee said Wiseman’s primary residence is in Berrien County. The suspect is believed to have been en route back to Thomasville from Berrien County when he was arrested.

Narcotics agents, who had learned Wiseman would deliver cocaine to a Pavo convenience store, were watching the business when three cars arrived. The vehicles appeared to be traveling together.

The vehicle with a Berrien County tag left the store and was stopped on Ga. 122 outside Pavo. Wiseman was a passenger in the car.

A narcotics agent stayed with the car while another agent and Thomas County Sheriff’s Office deputies returned to the store and detained the other vehicles.

A store employee told officers two men who entered the store went to the restroom area. A search of the store produced cocaine hidden behind an ice machine and a sink on the way to restrooms.

One bag contained a large quantity of powder cocaine. Another contained 37 small clear bags of the substance, while 15 blue plastic bags held more powder cocaine.

Agents seized the contraband, went outside and asked which two men went to the restroom.

Wiseman and Barnes, who did not know agents had found the drug, said they went to the restroom, Lee said.

About 40 grams of cocaine were found. Each gram has a street value of $100.

The commander said officers have audio evidence of the suspects discussing the cocaine discovery.

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 220.

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