Fire leaves auto shop severely damaged

An investigations is underway after a fire occurred at Dan's Garage on September 12 at around 2 a.m.

THOMASVILLE — The state fire marshal is now investigating a fire that occurred at Dan's Garage on September 12 that left the auto shop with severe damages. 

Thomasville Fire Rescue responded to reports of the fire on East Jackson Street around 2 a.m. after witnesses reported seeing flames coming from the garage.

“It took us approximately four hours to get this fire under control and get the scene secured,” Thomasville Fire and Rescue Chief Tim Connell recalled. 

Connell confirmed there were no injuries reported. 

The investigation to determine the cause of the fire began Tuesday morning, which Connell said could take up to two weeks.

Fire personnel reported a lot of fire and smoke damage was done to the garage, which ultimately affects the shop's reopening. 

“The place is going to be a total loss,” Connell said.

However, Thomas Jourdanais, Dan’s Garage manager, said the business is looking for a new space to relocate to in order to continue servicing vehicles left on the lot. 

“After the investigation, then we can move forward. We’re trying to find a new building right now as we speak so we can possibly get the cars out from there so we can finish them,” he said. 

Approximately 30 cars are left parked around the auto shop that Jourdanais is hoping to get back to work on soon.

He said while he doesn’t know the cause of the fire he knows it started in the shop’s tool room. 

“We’re just trying to get our ducks back in a row so we can reopen and serve our community with good service like we have for the past 20 years,” he said. 

Jourdanais advises anyone with a vehicle at the shop to contact a store manager to arrange a pick up time after the investigation is complete. 

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