First baby of 2022 born at Archbold

Destiny and David Kindred hold the newest addition to their family of four David Jax Kindred.

THOMASVILLE — The first baby born in 2022 in the county was welcomed to the world at 8:03 a.m. at Archbold Medical Center. 

Destiny and David Kindred’s new baby boy David Jax was born with a full head of hair and weighing in at seven pounds and 15 ounces. 

The now mother of two was scheduled for a 5:30 a.m. C-section on January 3 but ended up having an earlier date, the first of the year.

“They (the doctors) said that they usually have some people that are before the 3rd but somehow, he (David Jax) made it,” Destiny said.

David Jax is joining a family of four with Destiny’s 4-year-old son and David’s 4-year-old daughter excited to meet the newest addition.

The couple had experienced another first prior to David Jax’s arrival as they had just bought a new house and moved into it the weekend before. 

“I’m excited. Everything is set up for him,” Destiny said, ready to show her baby his second home outside of her womb. 

With a great start to the new year, the Kindred family is ready to take on the next few months with baby David Jax being their new focus.

“We’re really grateful he’s finally here and ready to get the next chapter of our life started,” David said.

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