THOMASVILLE — Red Hills Business Park has been empty for years. That is about to change.

Construction of two businesses — now located elsewhere in the community — is expected to begin in the business park in September, said Shelley Zorn, Thomasville Payroll Development Authority (PDA) executive director.

The park plat for Potty Man Portables is about to be recorded, Zorn said.

The PDA has approved transferring the deed for another plot to Carroll's Cabinets and Counters.

Zorn said Potty Man Portables will provide about 10 jobs, while the cabinet business is expected to grow to 10 to 12 jobs.

The two businesses are making a total investment of $500,000 in establishing businesses at the 293-acre U.S. 319 North business park.

"Both of these businesses already exist in Thomas County, but both are looking for a permanent site," Zorn said.

The PDA exec said the businesses reflect how resilient the community is in today's COVID-related uncertain times.

The community's large employers have remained open during the COVID dilemma, Zorn said

"I think it hit our smaller businesses harder," she said. "They've taken the biggest hit."

Zorn thinks the establishment of the two businesses will draw more interest to the business park.

In the past 10 months, the PDA has received 10 inquiries about the park — more than all inquiries combined since Zorn took the PDA job six years ago. 

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