GBI teaches anti-gang tactics in Cairo

Submitted photoJaret Usher, head of the GBI's Gang Task Force

CAIRO — More than 30 law enforcement officials from more than 10 different agencies across southwest Georgia and north Florida were present at the Cairo Fire Department on Friday to learn how to effectively prosecute gangs.

"These criminal organizations do not live by or respect any border, so we must work together with our brothers and sisters in law enforcement across all borders to combat these crimes effectively," said South Georgia District Attorney Joe Mulholland, whose office sponsored the event.

The training, which was conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Gang Task Force Unit, covered the tools necessary to build and prosecute a criminal case under the Georgia Criminal Street Gang Act.

Having the training in Cairo was also important, Mulholland said.

"Some of these agencies do not have the resources to send officers to this type of training in other parts of the state," he said. 

"We felt that it was necessary to provide our citizens and law enforcement with the best training available, and if we can bring that training to Cairo, we will," he added.

Mulholland thanked GBI Director Vic Reynolds as well as Director of Legal Services Michael Scott Carlson and anti-gang task force head Jaret Usher for making the training possible.

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