CAIRO — Grady County commissioners are moving forward with a plan to introduce a zoning policy in the county for the first time.

Commissioners voted Tuesday morning to authorize the Grady County Planning Commission to prepare a detailed plan for zoning in Grady County.

"Zoning is the way of the future," said Planning Commission chair Kris Weaver, who was present at Tuesday's commission meeting to request the county's support for the project. "The time is now."

County Commissioner Ray Prince, who seconded Commissioner Phillip Drew's motion to authorize the Planning Commission to begin its research for the regulations, said he would like to begin the process of crafting a zoning policy "as soon as possible."

Commissioners voted 4-1 to allow the Planning Commission to begin the project. Commissioner June Knight was the lone opposing vote.

The Planning Commission will return to the commissioners once their study is completed for final approval. No timeframe is set for when the Planning Commission's plan will be completed.

The new zoning regulations would be a first in Grady County, which would join the cities of Cairo and Whigham in adopting a policy on the matter.

"Even in these troubling times now, Grady County is on the cusp of greatness," Weaver said. "We should start planning for the growth, just as a farmer plans for their crop rotations, and a business owner plans for inventory."

The first step in planning for growth would be to create a zoning plan, Weaver added, specifically with Tired Creek Lake in mind.

"Forward thinking growth is imperative in the development of Grady County," he said. "Now is the time."

Weaver pledged to lend his support "in any way" to ensure that a suitable plan is put in place.

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