Grady County taking its message to social media

County Administrator Buddy Johnson describes the county's long-term vision for sanitation.

CAIRO — Grady County officials have launched a series of webcasts designed to push back against “misleading opinions” on social media.

County Administrator Buddy Johnson said the webcast series launched Friday is designed to give residents “just the facts” without being colored by opinions or spin.

“Any time you can put facts out for people, you can’t go wrong with that,” Johnson said.

Most residents in Grady County don’t attend public meetings, Johnson said, and not everyone keeps up with government business in newspapers. With no television news operations covering county meetings, Johnson said there’s only so much information the county can get out.

With social media being one of the major ways people communicate with one another, Johnson said it only made sense for the county to get in on the action as well.

“We were using (technology) for other purposes and then it dawned on us that we can do these webcasts and it doesn’t cost us a penny to do them,” he said. “We can put information on Facebook and get it out like it should be instead of people just putting out there what they want to.”

Friday’s video detailed Grady County’s long-term plans for sanitation, and was posted to the county’s official Facebook page.

Johnson said the idea to release information directly to the public came to him as he was listening to a podcast.

“I thought, ‘why don’t we just do this?’” he said.

The concept was then floated to county commissioners, who Johnson said were in favor of the idea.

Johnson said the webcast concept is still a work in progress, and he made light of an error in Friday’s video in which the county’s slogan, “Opportunity Awaits,” was misspelled in the backdrop.

“You learn from your mistakes,” he said. “I’ve never won any spelling bees, clearly.”

Eventually the county plans for videos somewhere between 10-15 minutes to be released once per week indefinitely. Topics for upcoming videos include the county’s long-term plans for Tired Creek Lake, which Johnson said would likely come sometime this week. Other ideas include an overview of the county’s roads and an introduction to county departments and staff at the Grady County courthouse.

Citizens with further questions about any topics discussed in the videos are encouraged to contact their respective commissioners or the commissioners’ office.

“Come by or call us and we’ll be happy to pull the information we used for those ‘casts,” Johnson said.

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