CAIRO — A Grady County elementary school teacher has resigned following allegations of misconduct toward a student.

A parent at Shiver Elementary School submitted a complaint regarding Ronald Evans, a science and social studies teacher. The details of that complaint are not public.

Evans was suspended with pay last week as the Grady County Board of Education conducted an investigation into the complaint. Superintendent Kermit Gilliard met with Evans on Monday, and Evans submitted his resignation later that afternoon.

School board members were scheduled to meet Wednesday afternoon to accept Evans' resignation.

With Evans now gone, Gilliard said a substitute will take over his class for the time being. Advertisements will be sent out for a new science teacher.

Evans had been teaching at Shiver since 2015 after having spent six years at Washington Middle School. He had previously taught at Shiver between 2002 and 2006 before leaving to take a job in construction.

Gilliard said Evans had no previous offenses on his personnel file.

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