CAIRO — A tentative agreement to end the legal disputes between Grady County and Leon County, Florida has been reviewed by both county administrators and is ready to be voted on.

The two county commissions are likely to decide whether to approve a joint memorandum of understanding at their next scheduled meetings, which will both take place June 18.

A spokesperson for Leon County said the item is tentatively scheduled to be addressed on their June 18 agenda, which will be set at the close of business the day before.

Grady County Administrator Buddy Johnson met with his Leon County counterpart Vincent Long on Monday where the two discussed the terms of the MOU, which has been negotiated since December.

Neither county administrator took issue with the document after reviewing its contents, and the matter now falls to the respective county commissions for ratification.

"Everything is set," Johnson said at Tuesday's meeting of the Grady County Lake Authority. "They're gold."

The two neighboring counties have been involved in multiple legal disputes in relation to the the Tired Creek Lake project dating back several years.

Negotiations to put an end to the constant legal quagmires began in late December when Johnson and Tired Creek Lake consultant Will Butler sat down with Leon County officials, and a draft memorandum of understanding was drawn up on April 30.

After month of negotiations, the county administrator said he now has an "excellent rapport" with officials in Tallahassee, much of which he attributes to Butler's involvement.

Johnson added that the status of Butler's continued employment with the county should be addressed at some point by the Lake Authority, which welcomed a host of new members in April who have yet to have their say in the matter.