CAIRO — The Grady County Board of Commissioners may look into redesigning the county's official look.

County Administrator Buddy Johnson stated at Tuesday evening's commission meeting that he was looking into the cost of updating signage throughout the county, particularly those of various government offices.

"We're looking at changing to have some uniform signage throughout the county that looks more presentable," he told the commissioners.

Existing county signs are aging and rickety, Johnson said. Many of the signs don't match with one another or are damaged in some way. The county administrator said some signs even have bullet holes.

Johnson said he's spoken with road department superintendent Stanley Elkins about looking into what options the county has for placing a new set of reflective metal 3x5 signs with an updated, uniform look.

The county administrator said he wouldn't want to place the signs until the new Grady County Growth, Marketing and Development Committee determines what the county's new mantra should be.

"It would be great to have that on every sign we have," Johnson said.

The subject of the mantra is likely to be discussed at the committee's next meeting Feb. 26.

Additionally, any plan to update existing signage would likely involve placing new road signs identifying various county assets, such as Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve.

"We've got so many things but you don't know it's here because nothing is telling you it's here," Johnson said.

Johnson was unsure of how many signs would need to be installed throughout the county.

The county administrator said he will try to obtain a price tag for the signage change to present to the commissioners at a later date.

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