CAIRO — The Grady County Board of Education is considering temporarily changing the way it gauges whether certain students are ready to advance to the next grade level.

School board members considered last week an alteration to their promotion and retention policy to better reflect changes made this year at the state level. 

Students in third, fifth and eighth grades would no longer require passing scores on Georgia Milestones tests in order to advance to the next grade level if the change is approved. 

"We went through (the policy) and struck out anything that dealt with Milestones for grades three, five and eight," said Superintendent Kermit Gilliard.

The Georgia Department of Education has waived the use of Milestones tests in the promotion and retention process for the 2020-21 school year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The proposal school board members considered last week would change Grady County's policies on how students can advance to the next grade level to match state guidance.

Grade promotion would be based solely on maintaining a grade point average of 70% or above in language arts, math and one other academic subject. Eighth graders also would be required to maintain at least a 70% GPA in half of their connections/exploratory classes in order to be promoted.

The policy revisions will not be formally voted on until the school board meets again December 8. 

If approved, the revisions would be the first alterations made to the school board's promotion and retention policy in three years. 

The policy was initially adopted in 1995.

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