CAIRO — Grady County Schools still have more than 100 students and employees in quarantine due to possible exposure to the novel coronavirus, though positive cases of the virus are down this week.

Exactly 100 students were in quarantine Tuesday, according to data released by the Grady County School System, with Shiver School leading the way with 42 children being sent home. Five employees there have also been sent into quarantine.

At Northside Elementary, 31 students have been sent home after an employee there tested positive for the virus. Southside Elementary and Cairo High School have 11 and 10 students in quarantine, respectively, with the latter also recording a positive case of the virus among its student population. An employee also tested positive for the virus at CHS, forcing four other staff members there into quarantine.

Washington Middle School, Eastside Elementary and Whigham School each have quarantines of three students or less. An employee at Washington has been quarantined.

Three children and two employees have recorded positive cases of the virus this week across the school system as a whole.

Tuesday's data marks the first time this month that cases of COVID-19 have decreased across the school system. Eight positive cases were recorded last week, with more than 140 students and teachers forced into quarantine.

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