THOMASVILLE -- Grady County resident Charles Ladon Harrell, 60, and his son Martin "Marty" L. Harrell, 37, are set to appear in federal court in Albany on Monday.

"Both Harrells are to be in federal court for initial appearances on the new indictments before Judge Richard Hodge," said Wanda Sanders, courtroom clerk for the judge. "This means it is the first time they appear for the charges to be read to them. It is their first time in court on that indictment."

Judge Hodge handles initial appearances, arraignments and any proceedings prior to a trial. U.S. District Court Judge Hugh Lawson presides over trials.

"Count one is aiding and abetting each other in extortion and by committing physical violence and by threatening physical violence on William and Christi Chandler," said Sanders, reading from the indictments. "Count two for Charles Harrell is attempting to engage in misleading conduct, tampering with a witness. Count one for Marty Harrell is arson, count two is tampering with a witness and count three is tampering with a witness."

An indictment has not been brought against Marty Harrell in the August 2000 disappearance and possible murder of Bobby Eugene Powell, a man he hired to threaten William Chandler.

"It is still just a complaint but they are still investigating," said Sanders.

Arraignments must take place before a trial date can be set.

Sanders said this could possibly happen on Monday.

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