THOMASVILLE -- An early morning home invasion turned fatal for an unborn child Saturday.

Around 5:09 a.m., the Thomasville Police Department received a phone call in reference to a shooting at 104 Isobel St. Officers were dispatched to the scene were they located two victims, a 25 year-old male and an 18 year-old female.

"The male victim had not been shot but had been beaten in the head and had some injuries to his hands," said Sgt. Rachelle Denmark, public information officer, at a press conference regarding the incident. "He said it was by a hard object, a gun."

The female victim was not beaten.

"She had been shot in the abdominal area. The female victim was also in her second trimester of pregnancy," said Denmark.

Both victims were transported to Archbold Memorial Hospital where the female's fetus was pronounced dead as a result of the shooting.

"The male victim was treated and released and the female victim is stable," said Rick Ivey, director, marketing and public relations, Archbold Medical Center.

The male victim told responding officers that he had placed the phone call to the police department. Both victims said the suspects entered the residence with guns and demanded an undisclosed amount of money and jewelry.

Denmark said the front door of the house was forcibly entered. A small amount of time elapsed before the female victim was shot.

"It was after some conversation went back and forth," she said.

Several guns were reportedly involved in the incident. These include a .22 caliber, .38 caliber revolver and a sawed off shotgun.

"At this point we have heard multiple fire arms," said Denmark. "I don't know what the investigation of the crime scene has revealed."

No arrests had been made by late Saturday afternoon but several suspects were being questioned.

"At this point we're not going to say how many because it is currently being investigated, but we will say there are multiple suspects in this case," said Denmark. "Right now we do not have anybody in custody. We are interviewing various people who might know something or who might know something. We're following every lead."

The criminal investigation division of TPD has partnered with Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Thomas County Sheriff's Department ID Section to process the crime scene and follow up on leads.

"GBI has a crime scene unit that is outstanding and has access to resources and information that we don't," said Denmark. "They assist us in major crime acts. They are working side by side in an attempt to discover physical evidence on who committed this crime."

This includes footprints, shell casings, fingerprints, hair fibers and blood.

Charges are pending once suspects are arrested and, depending on how far along the fetus was and what the law states, Denmark said suspects could face homicide charges.

Neighbors deferred comment on the incident.

Denmark said this is the first incidence of this type to happen in Thomasville recently.

"It's a tragedy when something like this happens, when people enter a residence without permission and commit a heinous crime where someone's life is actually lost," she said.

Anyone with information about the crime is encouraged to call the Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at (229) 227-3302 or the anonymous Crime Tips Hotline at (229) 227-3305.

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