CAIRO — Investigators are still searching for answers to a mysterious incident in November where a Grady County motorist was found bleeding from a gunshot wound.

The Georgia State Patrol responded to a single vehicle wreck along Bold Springs Road the morning of Nov. 27 and found driver Jamikel Romain unconscious on the ground outside of his vehicle. As Romain was being transported to the hospital, emergency responders removed his clothes and discovered that he had an open gunshot wound in his chest.

Investigators with the Grady County Sheriff's Office, which is handling the case, are unsure if Romain's wound was self-inflicted or if he was shot by someone else. No evidence of a firearm was found near the site of the wreck.

On top of that, investigators say it's not even clear when Romain was shot.

Romain has not been medically cleared to speak with law enforcement, a sheriff's office investigator said. It is unknown if Romain has regained consciousness.

Officers handling the case are also unsure if Romain was ejected outside of the vehicle during the crash or if he somehow exited the vehicle himself.

State Patrol was initially alerted to the crash when a passerby spotted Romain's vehicle rolled over in a ditch just before 6:30 a.m.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Grady County Sheriff's Office at 377-5200.

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