Payroll Development Authority Executive Director Shelley Zorn cuts the ribbon with help and with fanfare as “Imagine Thomasville” begins.

THOMASVILLE — A new function with a new name was born Thursday.

Imagine Thomasville is a new joint marketing tool of the Thomasville Payroll Development Authority (PDA) and Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce.

The two entities will join forces in marketing to let it be known Thomasville welcomes business.

The message is “imagine a business in Thomasville, imagine raising a family in Thomasville, imagine visiting Thomasville, imagine living in Thomasville,” said Shelley Zorn, PDA executive director.

Imagine Thomasville will have separate boards of directors and budgets — those of the PDA and chamber.

The crux of the effort is connecting businesses and building the community, Zorn explained.

“The PDA is about job creation for existing and new business, the PDA exec said.

Imagine Thomasville was unveiled Thursday at a celebration of the chamber’s 100th anniversary.

“When you call the chamber, the person answering the phone will say ‘Imagine Thomasville,’ “ Zorn said.

Imagine Thomasville and the new concept’s logo will be added to the sign on chamber grounds. Social media also will be used to kick off the new effort.

The chamber and PDA will share a website, which is under construction, and the chamber’ s newsletter will be renamed Imagine Thomasville.

Podcasts will contain interviews with local business owners talking about their businesses and how their firms have affected the community.

“It’s a one-stop shop. It’s where you call,” Zorn said. “Thomasville is the welcome center for business.”

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