THOMASVILLE — Two Thomasville men charged with dogfighting last fall have been indicted by Thomas County grand jurors.

Jurors also indicted a former jailer on charges she had sexual contact with a Thomas County Jail inmate.

Indictments were returned on Clemson Graham on charges of dogfighting and violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act (GCSA).

In addition to a dog-fighting indictment, Roosevelt Holland Jr. was indicted on a charge of obstruction of officers.

Holland fled from 107 Sunnyland Circle, the site of the Oct. 5 midafternoon dogfight. Police gave chase on foot and caught him several blocks away.

The two dogs fighting in a metal, enclosed pit in the back yard, several scarred dogs tied with chains and two puppies were removed from the scene by Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society animal control personnel.

Graham and Holland listed addresses on Ruth Lane and Westover Street, respectively.

The suspects owned the fighting dogs and were responsible for the fight, a Thomasville Police Department officer said at the dogfight scene.

Jurors also returned indictments on Beverly Simmons, who was charged in October with sexual assault involving a male inmate and with violation of oath of office.

Simmons told Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents last fall she took an inmate from a cell to an office area, where sexual contact took place.

She told investigators she and the inmate engaged in fondling and kissing.

Other indictments were returned on:

• Johnny Clemons — Escape.

• Daniel Lee Baker — Aggravated assault, two counts interference with government property, reckless conduct, three counts criminal trespass, driving under the influence of drugs, driving while license suspended, safety belt violation, speeding, attempting to elude.

• Henry Joseph Lancaster — Statutory rape, aggravated sodomy, child molestation.

• Damion Shaun Donaldson — Aggravated assault.

• Jason Huff — Cruelty to children in the first degree, simple battery, cruelty to children in the third degree.

• Jaime Johnson — Aggravated assault, criminal damage to property.

• Matilda Naomi Ekezie — Criminal damage to property in the second degree, three counts cruelty to children.

• Johnny Samuel — Aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of knife during crime, carrying a concealed weapon.

• Reginald Dashun Edwards — Two counts violation of GCSA, two counts aggravated assault, obstruction of officers, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

• Toure Antonio Anderson — Violation of GCSA, burglary, obstruction of officers, simple assault.

• Antonio J. Barnes — Peeping Tom, violation of GCSA, possession of alcohol by person under 21 years of age.

• Corey Brooks — Three counts violation of GCSA.

• Jobe Crawford — Aggravated assault, battery (family violence).

• Montrell Devaughn Riles — Statutory rape.

• Joe Johnson — Burglary.

• Vernon Randolph Greene — Statutory rape.

• Mark Dayton Reed — Eleven counts first-degree forgery.

• Tony Randall Carter — Aggravated assault.

• Carlos Antonio Emanual — Entering motor vehicle with intent to commit theft, obstruction of officer.

• John Clayton Myers — Criminal interference with government property, public drunk.

• Brandon Lamar Pickett — Violation of GCSA, obstruction of officers, driving while license suspended, suspended registration, no proof of liability insurance.

• Dennis Jermaine Brown — Burglary.

• Harry Davis Jr. — Burglary.

• Larry Lenard Walker — Two counts obstruction of officer, violation of open-container law, no proof of liability insurance, operating vehicle without current license plate, reckless driving, attempting to elude officer.

• Terry Don Smith — Four counts burglary.

• Zester Williams Sr. — Burglary.

• Lin Edward Davis — Two counts forgery in the first degree, financial identity fraud.

• Joseph William Poole — Aggravated assault, criminal interference with government property, obstruction of officer.

• Alan Colter Atkinson — Criminal trespass.

• Russell James Schie — Criminal trespass.

• Shagarie Yolanda Thomas — Four counts terroristic threats and acts, criminal trespass, interfering with 911 call.

• Seth Chastain Davis — Aggravated assault, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, violation of GCSA, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, driving while license suspended.

• Justin Cedric Suber — Aggravated stalking.

• Joseph Jeffrey McDonald — Two counts burglary, theft by taking, theft by receiving stolen property.

• Yolanda Laquan Peterson — Theft by deception.

• Latesha Laquan Taylor — Theft by taking.

• Bobbie Tyrone Edwards — Theft by deception.

• Cherical T. Carswell — Theft by deception.

• Latonisha Bradley — Theft by deception.

• Rudy R. Rhymes — Theft by deception.

• Stacey Denise Tucker — Theft by deception.

• Frederick J. Walker — Theft by deception.

• Mary J. Weaver — Theft by deception.

• Telisha C. Brown — Theft by deception.

• Frankie Lee Hollis — Theft by deception.

• Liquetta Renee Jackson — Theft by deception.

• Quinton M. Houston Jr. — Theft by deception.

• David Herndon — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Lenwood Wingate Mitchell — Violation of GCSA, obstruction of officer, criminal trespass.

• Yolanda Laquan Peterson —Two counts financial transaction card fraud.

• Andrew Lee Lamons — Three counts forgery in the first degree.

• Tamara Carmel Dunbar — Two counts forgery in the first degree.

• Stephen Lee Huffman — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Melissa Joy Lindsay — Violation of GCSA.

• Barbara Ann Brown — Forgery in the first degree.

• Suzanne Harnage — Theft by taking.

• Quinton Lenoris Burke — Two counts financial identity fraud, forgery in the first degree, two counts financial identity fraud.

• Brandi Denise Glover — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Tony Lee Wilcox — Violation of GCSA.

• Donnell Edwards — Theft by taking.

• Wayne Clark — Theft by taking.

• Nathaniel Dunbar Jr. — Violation of GCSA.

• Jamie Michael Wilson — Forgery in the first degree.

• George Beard Jr. — Theft by taking motor vehicle.

• Alonzo Wyche — Unlawful use of an offender.

• Gezell Patterson — Financial identity fraud.

• David Lee Mango — Lottery ticket fraud, theft by taking.

• Harvey Toles — Forgery in the first degree.

• Lin Edward Davis — Two counts forgery in the first degree.

• Amanda Bozeman — Two counts theft by taking.

• Monica L. Williams — Violation of GCSA.

• Charlie Frank Ramsby III — Violation of GCSA.

• Monique Rashendal Walden — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Kyosha Shantell Harrison — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• David Wendall Halterman, Ferris Allen — Financial identity fraud.

• Michael Mitchell — Theft by conversion.

• Randall Anderson — Theft by receiving stolen property.

• Sheneka Bantrel Melton — Forgery in the first degree.

• Robertina Jones — Theft by taking.

• Wanda Rena Fleming — Violation of GCSA.

• Terrence Dometrius Johnson — Violation of GCSA.

• Terrell Jerome Cochran — Violation of GCSA.

• James Nathaniel Sheets — Violation of GCSA.

• Laquan Akery — Forgery in the first degree.

• Patrick Anthony Dekle — Theft by taking, two counts theft by deception, two counts theft by taking.

• Joseph Vonterio Smith — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Dale Cox — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Ira Lincoln Brown — Two counts forgery in the first degree.

• Derrick McMillian — Forgery in the first degree, theft by taking.

• Leckey Trent Barnett — Theft by taking, criminal trespass.

• Rashad Dewayne Jackson — Violation of GCSA.

• Howard Mitchell — Thirty counts financial transaction card fraud, deposit account fraud.

• Antonio Demetrius Williams — Violation of GCSA.

• Vicki Goodson — Violation of GCSA.

• Anthony Monterry Akery — Violation of GCSA.

• Donovan Montrell Thompson (also known as Donalvin Thompson) — Entering motor vehicle with intent to commit theft.

• Timothy Phillips — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Jason Randall — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Levon Griffin — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Juan Perez Stringer — Two counts violation of GCSA.

• Robert Ceasar — Violation of GCSA.

• Andre Solomon — Violation of GCSA.

• Amy L. Crosby — Theft by deception, deposit account fraud.

• Michael Antonio Davis — Forgery in the first degree.

• Bruce Allen Hester — Theft by taking.

• Frank Sadler — Habitual violator, driving with suspended license.

• Kimberly Shaw — Theft by taking.

• Anthony McCoy — Two counts theft by receiving stolen property.

• Kevin Lamar Smith — Two counts theft by receiving stolen property.

• Robert Lee Leach — Violation of GCSA.

• Timothy Denoris Duncan — Two counts forgery in the first degree.

• Benjamin Davis — Violation of GCSA.

• Kenneth Dailey — Violation of GCSA.

• Frederick McBurrow — Three counts violation of GCSA.

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 220.

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