Jay Flowers elected to district GMA position


THOMASVILLE — A Thomasville City Council member has been elected to a vice presidency on a Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) district committee.

Elected municipal officials in GMA's District 10 cities elected Thomasville City Council member Jay Flowers to serve an area made up of 45 cities.

GMA disseminates information to district cities and explains what is available to the cities through GMA. Each district has a GMA employee.

GMA helps district cities, and district cities provide GMA with information, ideas and resources, Flowers said. GMA also provides cities with training.

"Our theory is a rising tide floats all boats," Flowers said, in reference to GMA's philosophy.

Flowers, who is serving his third four-year city council term, was elected GMA District 10 third vice president. He will advance to district president in three years.

The incumbent district president is Pelham Mayor James Eubanks, an attorney with a Thomasville office.

Thomasville City Council member David Hufstetler expressed pride in Flowers achieving the GMA position.

“His selection as a GMA district vice president is proof of his accomplishments while serving on the city council of Thomasville," Hufstetler said. "I’ve had the privilege of serving alongside (Mr.) Flowers for two and a half years. While we haven’t always agreed on everything, there is no doubt that (Jay) Flowers loves Thomasville as much as anybody I’ve ever met. I have no doubt he will make us proud in his newly-appointed GMA position.” 

Said Thomasville City Manager Alan Carson, "(Council member) Flowers is extremely talented and well-versed on Thomasville issues, as well as the district he will represent. We are fortunate to have somebody of (Mr.) Flowers' caliber who is experienced and knowledgeable and will represent us well with the GMA." 

Thomasville is a primary economic engine in this area, Flowers said. 

"Our impact on cities around us is significant," he added.

If Thomasville acquires a new industry, residents of other counties come here for jobs, Flowers said, and Thomas County residents work in surrounding cities.

If one city suffers, it affects nearby municipalities, he said

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