THOMASVILLE — A juvenile who police said robbed two women and struck a man coming to their rescue Thursday has been charged with a long list of crimes.

The 14-year-old male was captured at Oak and West Jackson streets seven minutes after he robbed two women dining outside about 1 p.m. in the 100 block of North Broad Street, an officer said.

"He ran up and grabbed a purse and took money from another victim. The two victims were eating together," said Sgt. Scott Newberry, Thomasville Police Department Criminal Investigations Division commander.

A man — "a Good Samaritan" — who witnessed the incident tried to stop the juvenile, Newberry said.

"The man pushed the suspect against a car to try to keep him detained. The suspect turned around and hit him in the face," the officer said.

Witnesses told police the suspect was wearing a red shirt. A few minutes later, other witnesses saw him take off the shirt.

The teen is charged with two counts of robbery, eight counts of criminal street gang activity and battery. Newberry said the suspect also is charged with stealing his grandmother's car Monday night. The juvenile lived with the grandmother.

The suspect is being held at the Loftiss Regional Youth Detention Center (RYDC).

Newberry said that when the SUV was recovered at Old Albany Road and North Boulevard, the vehicle had struck two trees, and both air bags had deployed.

The suspect was released from the RYDC two weeks ago after serving sentences for armed robbery and gang-related convictions two years ago.

He is charged with aggravated battery on an RYDC correctional officer in a case that has not been to court, Newberry said. 

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