CAIRO — Grady County officials are looking at the prospect of renaming a portion of State Park Road after former county commissioner T.D. David.

County officials have discussed the possibility of renaming State Park Road in the past, said commissioner June Knight. The commissioner said she’s been asked multiple times about what state park the road is referencing, only to answer that there is none.

“We’ve never done anything about it,” Knight said. “State Park Road is State Park Road but there’s no state park.”

Grady County initially deeded the property where Tired Creek Lake now exists to the state in the early 1970s with the intention of converting the land into a state park. Some work on the project had been completed when funding was pulled. The land then sat unused for two decades before being returned to the county’s ownership in 1993, and State Park Road was never given a more suitable name.

One idea Knight said she discussed with County Administrator Buddy Johnson would be to rename the bridge along State Park Road that crosses over Tired Creek Lake after David, who died last year after serving eight years on the Grady County Board of Commissioners.

“He loved that lake,” Knight said.

The subject of renaming all or part of the road will “definitely” be brought up for discussion in the Grady County Growth, Marketing and Development Committee, Johnson said.

“It was named that because there was a time that that was going to be the case,” he said, “but that’s changed and the project has changed. It’s time to do something else.”

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