Man charged with rape in Boston incident


THOMASVILLE — A 22-year-old man who contends the sex crime he is charged with was consensual sexual intercourse was denied bond and remains behind bars at the Thomas County Jail.

About 10 days ago, a 57-year-old Boston woman told Thomas County Sheriff’s Office investigators she was riding a bicycle along a Boston street when Kendrick Terrell Bryant forced her into woods and raped and strangled her.

The suspect, from 109 Acorn Lane, is charged with rape, aggravated assault and kidnapping.

Investigators used a light source that showed bruising on her neck not visible to the naked eye and consistent with strangulation. 

“It showed where she had been strangled,” said Lt. Tim Watkins, sheriff’s office chief investigator.

The woman told investigators the suspect became angry after the rape and strangled her.

“He admitted she was fighting him,” Watkins said. “He tried to restrain her and strangled her to the point she passed out.”

Bryant was arrested Thursday during questioning at the sheriff’s office.

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