THOMASVILLE -- A man who confessed to a capital offense must petition Superior Court if he wants to get out of jail.

The suspect, Scott Deshannon Smith, confessed to kidnapping, false imprisonment and battery, according to a Thomas County Sheriff's Department investigator.

He also is charged with child support and obstruction of an officer in an earlier incident.

Smith, 22, 2104 W. Marshall St., Meigs, had dated the kidnap victim periodically for about two years, Lt. Tim Watkins said.

"They had broken up," he added.

The victim injured her back and asked a former boyfriend to take her to a physician. Smith found out about the man taking her to a doctor.

"He went to her house, forced his way inside, became irate, wouldn't let her leave, and he would not leave," Watkins said.

He forced the woman to stay at her Barwick residence with him the entire night and assaulted the victim while holding her captive, the investigator said.

The woman escaped the next morning. "He chased her down and forced her back to the house," Watkins said.

Eventually, Smith asked the woman to take him to his Meigs home.

While traveling on Midway Road, the woman saw an oncoming vehicle.

"She jumped out of the car, asked the driver for help and asked him to call 911," according to Watkins.

Smith approached the man and said everything was "OK." While he was out of the car talking to the motorist, the woman got back into her vehicle, drove to a Donna Lane residence and called the sheriff's department. Investigators from that agency and Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents responded.

Watkins said the woman's body was covered in bruises as a result of the assault. She was treated and dismissed at Archbold Memorial Hospital.

Smith was taken into custody without incident.

The suspect escaped about two weeks ago as officers tried to arrest him for not paying child support.

He was denied bond in Thomas County Magistrate Court. Because kidnapping is a capital crime, the suspect must petition Superior Court for bond.

Meanwhile, he is being held at the Thomas County Jail.

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 220.

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