THOMASVILLE -- John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital employees and brothers Thomas Tyrone Bowdry, 29, and Ronald Bowdry, 39, were pleasantly surprised when they were recently chosen to receive Georgia Hospital Association's 2005 G.R.E.A.T. Ambassador Award.

"It feels good to know that people watch your hard work," said Thomas Bowdry. "We don't look for praise for what we do, but it is good to know that people recognize you are doing your job with a smile."

G.R.E.A.T. stands for "Giving Recognition for his Excellence, Advocacy and Teamwork in his hospital, community and profession."

The Bowdrys said all 43 hospitals in Georgia could submit nominations for the award and that they were jointly chosen to represent Archbold.

The brothers were required to write a 300 word essay each explaining why they chose the medical field and what they would say to youths thinking about a medical career.

Thomas Bowdry, a radiology technologist who performs diagnostic x-rays and fluoroscopy, said he chose the medical profession mainly due to his family's influence.

"My brother was already in it for seven-eight years before I even finished up high school," he said. "I saw where it was paying off for him. Mom and dad also told me if you have a good heart, the medical field is a good way to go. You can always find a job because there will always be sick people anywhere you go in the world."

Ronald Bowdry is a CT technologist who takes computed tomography (CT) scans.

"I enjoy working with people and I needed a good career -- something I could do well in -- and the medical field was a good field," he said. "I could work in house and help people. I have a family, but this is my life, too. I consider the people I x-ray and scan -- white, black, green or yellow -- to be a part of my life. I see people when they are at their lowest and I reckon they appreciate seeing a smiling face and somebody who cares."

The brothers maintain a "whistle while you work" philosophy.

"Working in the medical field, you see so many sick people that it makes you appreciate life," said Thomas Bowdry. "It makes you feel good when you can take on a patient and they leave smiling because you enjoy what you do and show that you care."

The Bowdrys are appreciative of Archbold for its support and role in implementing the radiological technology program at Southwest Georgia Technical College.

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