MEIGS — City officials have been served with an ante litem notice claiming more than $1 million in damages is owed to a resident who alleges he was assaulted by a police officer and later denied medical attention.

Attorney Je'Nita Lane claims in the ante litem notice that her client, Ronny Baity, was the victim of a violent encounter in February with two cousins of then-Meigs police officer Donald McNeil which resulted in Baity's jaw being broken. An ante litem is a notice of intent to file lawsuit.

A family member then called the off-duty McNeil on his personal cellphone, and the officer responded to the incident.

According to Lane, when McNeil arrived he struck Baity and turned away sheriff's deputies who responded to the incident.

The ante litem notice claims Baity was then jailed and denied medical attention and that McNeil's family member was not arrested for his involvement in the incident.

No pictures were taken of the incident and McNeil was not wearing a body camera at the time.

Copies of the ante litem notice, which is dated June 27, were hand-delivered to the mayor, members of the city council and the city attorney.

City hall received Baity's hand-delivered Notice of Right to Sue in March.

Mayor Cheryl Walters said the city has no statement on the matter at this time.

McNeil, who has since been terminated from the Meigs Police Department for an unrelated incident, could not be reached for comment.