THOMASVILLE -- The mother of a suspect who wiggled his way out of handcuffs Thursday turned her son in Monday.

Thomas County Sheriff's Department deputies responded Thursday night to a culinary holdup at a mobile home park in the 800 block of Powell Drive. A restaurant-delivery employee was robbed of food and about $40.

Deputies were at the park to arrest Parent Tyrone Daniels, 20, a park resident, for probation violation. Officers handcuffed his hands behind him. While officers talked to others at the scene, Daniels worked one hand out of the 'cuffs and fled.

"Mr. Daniels has very small wrists," explained Lt. Tim Watkins, chief investigator.

On Friday morning, a warrant was issued charging Daniels with armed robbery in the food/money heist. Investigators soon learned he did not hold up the restaurant employee, although the clothing he was wearing the previous evening resembled that worn by the robber.

"He was present, but he didn't participate," said investigator Pascal Autry.

Investigators learned from Daniels and other eyewitnesses to the holdup that Adrian Lamar Graham, 17, was the individual who took the food and money at gunpoint, Watkins said.

Graham was arrested Tuesday and charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. He is being held in the Thomas County Jail without bond.

Also in jail is Daniels. He has no bond on charges of probation violation, obstruction of officers and damage to government property.

The latter charge resulted from the suspect using a hacksaw to remove the handcuffs.

"His mother brought him in," Watkins said. "He turned himself in."

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