THOMASVILLE — A congregation of different backgrounds and different churches on the weekend packed into the Mt. Sinai Apostolic Church to commemorate the National Day of Prayer.

Thursday marked the 70th such observance nationwide and the 30th for a local celebration in Thomas County and Thomasville. 

It was also the first in-person observance since 2019, as the COVID-19 pandemic rendered last year’s gathering into a virtual one.

“We are thankful to all of you and we continue to come together because even if we can’t visibly see each other, God sees us,” said Doug Silvis, president of Community Transformation, Inc., and one of the event’s organizers. “We are in a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of America and of Americans. 

It is our job as Christians to repent of our own sins first, to act and pray in such a way that it will glorify God and change our world. We are asking God to heal us from the COVID plague, to heal us from sin, to heal us in every way.”

Ricky Monroe, pastor of the host church for Thursday’s observance, read from Ecclesiastes and said prayer is always in season.

“And prayer always works,” he said. “We know this is a place where the spirit of the Lord is and the Lord says where the spirit of the Lord is there is strength, there is unity.

“In these times when things are changing and in these times when it looks like things are getting worse instead of better,” Monroe added, “help us to understand Lord, to trust in You and acknowledge You in all our ways and You will direct our path.” 

Prayers were offered for different segments of the community, including government leaders, first responders, educators and the church. 

“Pray there is Christian unity in Thomasville and Thomas County, that Christ’s love will lead our institutions and leaders to make practical changes on behalf of everyone,” said Rev. Denny Blake in his call for unity. “We also pray for forgiveness for our offenses and for holding grudges and that Your will be done.”

Silvis said Thomasville and Thomas County can be the start of a spiritual renewal, not just across the nation but across the world.

“We are going to speak by faith over our community because we believe Thomasville and Thomas County and our region are a place set apart by God,” he said. “We can be the beginning. COVID began somewhere and spread across the world. The gospel began in Jerusalem and spread across the world. We can have a great awakening right here to spread across the world.” 

Monroe, in his benediction, thanked God for the National Day of Prayer and for those who serve in the community. He also asked that the spirit that brought the event together remain with those who took part.

“We pray God that You continue to connect us in love and in sincerity,” he said.

Editor Pat Donahue can be reached at (229) 226-2400 ext. 1806.

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