THOMASVILLE — From his back yard in late August, a Thomas County man saw his neighbor standing nude at a window, according to a Thomas County Sheriff's Office investigator.

"He was in his back yard, looked across the yard and saw (Mr. Ronald Wayne) House," said Capt. Tim Watkins, sheriff's office chief investigator. "Deputies responded, and they observed him, also."

House, 57, who lives in the 4800 block of McMillan Road at an RV park, was arrested recently and charged with public indecency.

Watkins said the arrest was delayed until early September while an investigation was conducted to determine if children saw House at the window, Watkins said, adding that children did not witness the incident.

Watkins said House is a registered sex offender.

In 1997, House was tried and convicted of having sex with a 7-year-old girl, the investigator said, adding that House was sentenced to prison.

The case inspired the Goodwill Project, a community effort to raise money for needy families.

Watkins said the little girl in the House case was a member of a needy family. Law enforcement officers contributed to a fund to ensure the family had a good Christmas.

The next year, the annual Goodwill Project was born. Law enforcement officers prepare and sell meals. The community donates money to the project.

The event raises several thousand dollars annually. Schools, social services and the Thomas County Department of Family & Children Services partner with law enforcement to identify needy families.

"His (House's) conviction inspired us to do that," Watkins said. 

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