THOMASVILLE — The senior pastor of a recently burglarized church thinks the responsible culprits are in line for forgiveness and a life change.

“The idea of vandalizing a church was unheard of in the ‘60s when I grew up,” said Larry Nunnally, senior pastor at Victory Fellowship Church on U.S. 19 North at Ga. 202.

Nunnally’s church is among five in Thomas County that have been burglarized in the past 10 days.

Others are:

• Forest Acres Gospel Church, Cassidy Road

• Fredonia Baptist Church, Fredonia Road

• Springhill Missionary Baptist Church, Hall Road

• Dawes Presbyterian Church, Ga. 3

Most churches were entered by breaking glass in windows. “And in the rooms, they’re kicking doors,” said Jason Shoudel, Thomas County Sheriff’s Office investigator.

Shoudel thinks burglars were looking for money, since church offices were entered.

Small amounts of money, electronic equipment and possibly musical instruments were taken. Inventories are still under way at some of the churches.

At one church, five window screens were removed and thrown on the roof.

At Victory Fellowship, PlayStation and Xbox were taken from Kidzone, the children’s church, behind the main building. Doors were pried open.

“The mores of our society are changing,” Nunnally explained.

Noting that people used to not look doors to their houses, while burglars today steal from locked churches, Nunnally said.

“The drug culture drives people to do things they would not otherwise do,” he explained.

Victory Fellowship has added security measures.

“The person who does something like this desperately needs forgiveness and a life change,” Nunnally said. “I look forward to ministering to them in jail.”

God forgives, but the law does not, he added.

Senior reporter Patti Dozier can be reached at (229) 226-2400, ext. 220.

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