THOMASVILLE — An old favorite showed off its facelift Tuesday with the unveiling of the refurbished “Big Room” in the Main House at Pebble Hill Plantation.

“We wanted to put it back the way it was,” said Wallace Goodman, Pebble Hill director. “We wanted to show it off to everyone who wanted to come out and see it.”

The room, also known as the family room, was built in 1914. It was included in an addition to the second house after the first one burned.

Goodman said the plantation had been at work on refurbishing the room for a while. Work included a fresh coat of paint and furniture rearranging

“We didn’t think that it would take so long to pick out just the paint color,” he said. “It all depends on the lighting and the location. It’s the same paint, but it looks different in the different lighting in the room.”

Sue White, assistant general manager, said most of the room’s original furniture has also been returned for the reopening. The room’s rug, said White, was sent away to be cleaned and repaired, and recently reinstalled.

“We’ve rearranged the room and the furniture so that everyone walks on the marble floor now,” she said. “Before, visitors would walk across the room instead of around it. Now, they can also get a closer look at all the silver in the cases around the room.”

Another improvement to the room was adding name cards to each photo on display.

“We’ve had so many people asking us about who is in our photos,” said Goodman. “We thought we would put the names out so everyone could see who are in these photos.”

Participants, including local dignitaries and Pebble Hill staff, were treated to music by Pebble Hill employee Stephen Richardson and lemonade and cookies.

“It looks really nice,” said Camille Payne, Thomasville City Council member and mayor pro tem. “It’s a beautiful room.”

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